Monday, May 31, 2010

8th Grade Graduation

We have a tradition in my family that when you graduate from 8th grade you receive a ring with your birthstone in it. Mindi received a pink flowered ring and a necklace with a few diamonds and pink stone in it that is a high hill. As most teenagers she was very excited and showed enthusiasm about receiving something so speacial. More will come Not working right now.

Bailey's Baptism & Isabell's Baby Blessing

May was a busy month. Bailey DeVroom was baptised and her sister Isabella was blessed in Sandy Utah near their home. The weather was great and several friends and family were there to celebrate this special time in David and Clare's Live.

The DeVroom family. Bailey and Hadley such beautiful girls.

The Luce Family Great Grandma Rogers was there for the grand kids. There were several cousins.

David and Ethan, family gatherings around the chapel. David and his kids.

The Snow family. The Babcock family was there but I was the one taking the photos so I usually don't get to be in the pictures. We were grateful to be involved in the gathering of family events like these. Congratulations DeVroom's.

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is always so much fun. I love to see how many things the kids make from school. Damon he is so creative he made a game for the family to play on. He made players, board, cards and instructions. He wrote me a song, a poem and made 2D pop out cards. Devon gave me a book of his journals from school. I love to read what he thinks. I asked Mindi what she made me. Now being 14 years old she wished me Happy Mothers Day on face book. How thoughtful. We went out to dinner at Texas Road house and everyone had a really enjoyable time being together as a family.

Soccer Tryouts

Soccer Tryouts for the Boys!
We had a gap between soccer games, there was a sign right down the street from our house for competitive soccer tryouts. So Devon really wanted to try-out not wanting to do football this year. So prior to Damon's soccer game that we coach he wanted to come over and try out. Within 20 minutes he had 4 coaches look at him. They were pretty impressed especially sense Damon never stops running around the field. He was asked to come back for call backs. He played a full game on a full size field. We received a call this week and Damon made the team. He said "I was surprised I was that good" I said he had done really well and loves to play. He is so excited to start. They will be having practice 3 times a week and travel to play other teams. We will know more for Devon in the next 2 weeks weather he will play or not. Damon ran really well and is competitive with the other players. He mentioned to me "Mom these guys are really fast!". He really wants to do something different this year. I guess the coaching for indoor and outdoor for the kids have paid off.

Indoor Soccer Coach

Ben & I were indoor soccer coaches for Devon and Damon's teams. We had a great time and the kids really did well and learned a allot. As the gift for the last game I gave the kids these Water bottles with their names on them. Both teams did really well through out the season. It was a great experience and fun to be involved with the kids activities. Sense we were coaches there wasn't much time for picture taking for video recording so the memories and experience will just be those we can share.

Devon is a Scout

Devon is now 11 years old which means he is a Scout. He is so excited to earn as many badges and do as many outdoor things as he can. We had a Court of Honor for him already and he was able to wear his whole uniform. We bought one large enough that hopefully we don't have to buy to many. He is such a loving kid but we sure have to buy several sizes for him to grow up in each stages of his life. He will soon be 12 this summer. I can't believe how fast the time goes. I can reflect on when we had him home in our 2 bedroom apartment in Rancho Cucamonga being almost 10 pounds out of the hospital and eating 12 cases of formula a month. He loves to eat and sleep as a child and it has continued as he has gotten older. He is very active and adventures and will do really well in the Scout program. Great job Devon!

Weekend Get Away to Las Vegas

I was given a Friday off from work. We had not been any where out of Utah for quite sometime so we drove to Las Vegas for the weekend. The boys went with us while the teenager Mindi had other plans with friends. She wanted to come but couldn't do both. So she stuck with he friends like most teenagers would.

It was so nice to lay out by the pool having the warm sun shine on you. This winter in Utah it has snowed and rained almost every day. It was nice to run away to a warmer climate.

The boys were able to pick one show to watch for a night. They picked "Chris Angel" the allusionist. It was an awesome show we all really loved it.

The boys and I went around taking pictures and become a mummy in the Lexur while Ben took a nap sense he was out all night enjoying his time.

We really had a great time being together and getting away from reality. It will be nice to plan something like that again.